A summer of vermouth is coming!

by Julian Davies

Picture the scene: a warm afternoon in the sun (sure, it's hard to imagine right now!..), barbecue going strong, good chat, things are going well...

Sometimes, as much as we all love a beer, it doesn't quite hit the spot. Wine, on the other hand is not exactly a "thirst-quencher", although again don't get me wrong, a decent glass of rosé on a hot day is a thing of beauty. Gin and tonic? Well... I get it, I really do. But it's a LOT of alcohol still. You can't have that many of them before things get a little fuzzy, the sun gets that little bit too hot, you can't follow the conversation quite as well as you did before... And a snooze seems like a grand idea!

This is where vermouth comes in. A cheeky Ostara and tonic - either white or red - as an alternative to a G&T, more refreshing than a glass of wine, or more interesting than a tin of San Miguel... That's what we're after. It's so light and tasty, so refreshing, but has a beautiful, cheeky hint of bitterness and wormwood aftertaste that make it a really complex, beautiful, refreshing number to have on those hot days we're all craving.

And that's it.

That's the entire gist of what we're driving at. A summery, cool, complex vermouth and tonic to help those hot sunny hours go by. We strongly recommend it. Do give a V&T a try!