Founder's Story

One of my earliest memories is of me and my dad, when I was about 5 years old.

Like in this picture, we’re about to go for one of our long morning jogs, where we would amble through the fields early in the morning, and depending on the season, look for nettles, blackberries or mushrooms (or anything else interesting) to bring home for the kitchen.

As well as representing Spring, and growth, and the remedial properties of the amazing things that grow in the English countryside, Ostara is a very personal story of love for where I grew up, and of those formative memories.

The name Ostara also pays homage to our pagan ancestors who marked the rhythm of the passing years by observing nature at her best, the movements of the sun and moon, and who in my opinion had a very sensible way of thinking about, cherishing, and protecting mother nature – values we should all still live by.

Ostara is the name they gave to the Spring Equinox, that most remarkable time of rebirth and joy, and a time for celebrating the awesome power of nature each year.


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