What is

Ostara English Vermouth currently has two variants: red and white.

For both, we begin with a delicious blend of white wines sourced from some of the finest vineyards across the South East of England.
To this we add tinctures of beautiful English hedgerow botanicals, macerated in neutral alcohol to eke out their best flavours, and then expertly blend these with the wines to create a vermouth style which is light, easy to drink, and yet full of character and flavour.

Ostara was a very apt name to give our vermouth, capturing as it does the essence of nature, of spring, and of our beautiful countryside. Our Pagan ancestors tracked the passing of each year by observing the cycles of the sun and moon and dividing those journeys into eight sections. Ostara was the name they gave to the Spring Equinox – and many believe to their goddess of nature, and it marked a time of celebrating nature, of rebirth, and of looking further forward to the heady days of summer.

The aim of Ostara Vermouth is to pay homage to this history and capture the essence of the countryside, blending fine English wine with ethically sourced hedgerow botanicals to evoke memories of the countryside and transport you to wherever you find your rural idyll…