Is Dry January over yet!?

by Julian Davies

We did it!

Well - you probably did it.... Here at Ostara we didn't even try. Not with such a plethora of gorgeous vermouth opportunities always open to us..

If you managed to go the whole month without a drink, then well done you! I personally find that January is such a rubbish month anyway that a drink is well required, and sometimes the only thing that gets one through the long, cold, dark evenings.

Not that I want to sound like I "need" a drink... it's just, well, you know. If you went without, good for you. If you had a cheeky drink or two, also good for you.

Many more people seem to have at least tried Dry January this month. It certainly seems like much more of thing than when I first remember it. Do you remember people would actually get sponsored to do it for charity!?

But now it's over, and we can start to feel the first hint of Spring warmth. (more on that some other time as the spring is SUPER important to us here at Ostara). But for now it feels like time to start re-exploring vermouth, playing with cocktails, sipping on a refreshing vermouth from time to time... and enjoying ourselves a little bit more.