Vermouth and Tonic

by Julian Davies

With these hot summer days finally upon us now really is the time to try a vermouth and tonic...

I created Ostara predominantly to be served on its own "as it comes" with a lovely block of ice and a garnish of some description, or with tonic.

My advice: treat Ostara as you would your favourite gin... Pour a little extra into a nice wine glass with plenty of ice, and add good tonic. Personally I like Fever-Tree or the amazing Double Dutch but suit yourself!

I go for around about a 1:1 ratio of vermouth to tonic, but I encourage you to experiment. That's part of the fun! As for Ostara, a simple lemon wheel or zest garnish for the white, or the same of orange for the red, and away you go. The key is to use plenty of ice.